Anthem: Delve Into Bioware’s Answer To Destiny

Out of all of the games shown at E3 this year one game that stood out to me was Bioware’s new IP called Anthem. This game came out of nowhere boasting some serious graphical capability along with some solid looking game play. Anthem is an open world co-op shooter set in a dystopian world where you and your friends explore the land outside the walls of humanities safe haven known as Fort Tarsis.

Alan Wake: Exploring A Cult Classic

Alan Wake, the psychological action adventure thriller cult classic; developed by Remedy Entertainment and released in 2010 for the Xbox 360.  Remedy Entertainment is also responsible for titles such as the Max Payne series or more recently Quantum Break. I bought Alan Wake for dirt cheap on steam during a sale a while back and like most games purchased during steam sales I had every intention of playing it someday.