Bungie’s Roadmap for Destiny 2 In 2019

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With a new ViDoc comes a slew of new information detailing what direction Bungie plans on taking Destiny 2 and what to expect from the game in 2019.

It seems Bungie wants to go all in on making Destiny 2 a game as a service. Abandoning the traditional DLC the series has been getting Bungie is replacing that with a steady supply of new content through what they are calling seasons. If you’ve played the Forsaken expansion then you already have an idea of what to expect. Similar to what they did with the Dreaming City each weekly reset comes new content for players to explore.

We’re taking a really different approaching this time around, we’re changing that paradigm a lot, we’re changing because of the player feedback. We’re changing it because of the reception of the Dreaming City. We’re changing it because players want to experience the game not just in day one feast mode, they want that buffet to last throughout the year.

The annual pass is what will give players access to all the new goodies in the coming year. In addition, there will also be free seasonal updates to the game so that there’s something for everyone. All of this includes new raids, exotic quests, new game modes and more.

Destiny 2019
No more waiting around for DLC to release.

With the first bit of content, Season Of The Forge, releasing December 4th players won’t have to wait long to jump back in and start hunting down new weapons and armor. Below is the calendar of what to expect from the Black Armory for the month of December.


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