3 Video Game Universes I’d Want To Visit

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What if you had Steve’s magical ability to blue-skidoo your way into your favorite video game. What would be some of the first places you would want to visit? If I was given the chance to explore any video game locations where would I go? After giving it some thought I came up with a few places that would for sure make me want to pack my bags say see ya later real-world responsibilities.


The Elite Four is getting swept by an 11-year-old

When it comes to hypothetically being able to explore any video game in person an obvious choice I think a lot of people would agree on would be the wonderful world of Pokemon. Ever since I was first introduced to Pokemon as a child I thought about how cool it would be to leave home and go on my own adventure to become a pokemon master. So you could imagine how ecstatic I was the first time I got to play Pokemon Red. To be able to finally choose my first pokemon and promptly proceed to sweep Brock with vine whip was like a dream come true. The sheer amount of time I put into playing Pokemon games growing up is unimaginable. This is why it would be my first choice on the list of places I’d explore if I could somehow magically jump into them.

What would be more thrilling than to actually be able to have a Pokemon battle? You got Charizard breathing fire on one side and a Pikachu firing off bolts of lighting on the other end. That sounds incredibly dangerous, and I’m all for it. Not having any care in the world except going from town to town beating trainers, gym leaders and collecting badges to make it into the pokemon league. That’s a life I want to live. Thinking about all those places I could explore for myself first-hand sounds wild. Could you imagine walking into a dark cave and having a massive group of Zubat pull up on you? Or how about taking a stroll through a Pokemon graveyard only to have a Haunter phase through a wall ready to take your life. I mean just take a look at what the dex entry says about Haunter, “Its tongue is made of gas. If licked, its victim starts shaking constantly until death eventually comes.” Pokemon are way more violent than people realize. On top of all that the anime has always made the Pokemon League look like some mega-hyped up event. Remember that intense fight between Ash’s Charizard and that Blaziken? Or how about when Ash got stomped by a Bellsprout. I don’t know about you but I would love to be able to check out the world of pokemon and potentially lose my life to a 3-foot Beedrill.

Mega Man Battle Network

EPSON scanner image
Who needs Siri when you have a NetNavi?

I’ve talked plenty about why I love the Mega Man Battle Network series in a previous post so this is a no-brainer for me. I’m all about having my own advanced A.I. in the palm of my hand that makes Siri look like a toddler still blowing spit bubbles and wearing a diaper. In this current day and age we already have our phones permanently placed in the palm of our hands, why not take it a step further with a NetNavi? Who needs real friends when you can build a friendship with the A.I. on your personal terminal? Also, I’m completely down with the way the internet works in this universe. Damn near everything is connected to the internet now I say let’s go all in. Your oven, your shower, and hell even the ventilation ducts providing the oxygen for an entire building should be connected to the internet. I mean what can go wrong? An evil NetNavi unlocks all the cages at the local Zoo while a group of middle schoolers is on a field trip there?

Much like my reason for wanting to visit the Pokemon universe I love the idea of being able to challenge other people to Net Battles and taking on random virus’ while surfing the web. On top of that being able to check out everyone’s own custom NetNavi’s would be cool as hell to me. Trying to come up with how my personal Navi would look like and how I would customize it is something I know I could get into pretty heavily. That alone is enough for me to want to take a trip into the Battle Network universe.

Mass Effect

Illium always made me think about NYC in space

Out of all my choices of video game universes, I’d want to visit I think the Mass Effect Universe would be my number one pick for a multitude of reasons. For starters, I’d be able to visit all these different planets in our galaxy and interact with the different species that inhabit them. Thessia for example. It’s home to one of the most advanced civilizations in our galaxy, the Asari. I feel like it would be an incredible experience to just wander around and check out what they have going on from day to day. For a planet to be named as the “Crowned Jewel” of the galaxy it’s got to have so much to check out. Thessia also has low incidents of war, violence, crime, and famine. It sounds like some kind of utopia. On top of all that who wouldn’t love to learn about Biotics and how they work. Not to mention it’s a planet full of Asari, who’s not down for that?

Also, one thing I noticed from playing the Mass Effect Series is that the milky way galaxy is also home to some of the most banging nightclubs. Honestly, it would sick to check out After Life first hand and party with other alien species. Bioware always did do a good job with making their planets feel alive with the scenery, citizens and the atmosphere in general.

So those are just three video game universes I’d like to visit if I was granted some magical ability to so. What are some places you’d like to visit if you were given the opportunity? Let me know in the comment below.

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