Ignorance In The Black Gaming Community

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So recently one of my favorite content creators in the gaming community, The Black Hokage, uploaded a video listing 10 black Twitch streamers worth watching. I for one think it’s always awesome to see a bigger Youtuber/Streamer give shine to some of their favorite smaller content creators. This was a dope positive way to celebrate Black History Month and praise some of the lesser known talents in the black gaming community, kudos to TBH. But of course, not everyone saw this the same way I did.

Let me just say this off the bat, the majority of the people in the comment section also seemed to share my earlier sentiments about this video. That being said there was a serious case of colorism from “woke” hoteps in the comments as well. Now for those of you people who don’t know what a hotep is, urban dictionary has a pretty spot on definition;

A Hotep is An Afrocentric brotha, usually insecure, who claims to be “woke”, but actually isn’t. Unless you are a straight black man, in a Hotep’s eyes, you are responsible for the destruction of “The Black Community”. Misogynistic, Homophobic, Transphobic, Conspiracy Theory Afficionado, he will fill your head up with so much pseudo-science and ill-researched historical “facts” you’ll be ready to bash his head in with a Google search engine.

While I’m all for black people coming together hoteps make it that much more difficult for us to do so. In Order to keep things equal, TBH decided to showcase 5 male and 5 female streamers of color in his video. While no one seemed to have any issue with the males in the video the real problem was centered around the women featured. Now again let me say the MAJORITY of the people who commented on the video were positive. However, in the minority, we had the hoteps feeling upset that all of the female streamers on TBH’s list were light skinned. Colorism is a very serious problem in the black community in general. We like to make jokes about light skin and dark skin black people but honestly, when a cop pulls us over they don’t care. Black is black, but that’s a whole different topic though.

Back to the conversation at hand people seemed to think TBH had some sort of agenda because all the women he listed had a lighter complexion. This wasn’t the case at all, in fact, referring to another rule he gave himself in the video was all the people on the list had to be streamers he enjoyed watching himself. I’m sure there are plenty of black female streamers with all kinds of skin tones on twitch. Still, It’s literally impossible to watch every single one of them. Otherwise, I’m sure the list would be way longer than it already was. Additionally, The Black Hokage came out and said it on his own twitter account that it was a pure coincidence the women mentioned all happened to have a lighter skin tone.

Wrapping all this up I just want to say that it’s disappointing to see black people holding one another back even in the black gaming community. There’s already so little of us in this field that we need to work together and build ourselves up. There’s plenty of room for all of us. Anyway if you’re in the mood for some more black positivity in the gaming community check out a video I did last year during Black History about some of my favorite black characters in gaming.

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