5 Characters That Would Make Amazing Guest Appearances In Soul Calibur 6

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I’m not exactly the biggest fan of or even the best at fighting games but Soul Calibur is one fighting game I loved to play growing up. When the world premiere trailer for Soul Calibur 6 was shown at this years Video Game Awards I couldn’t help but become filled with excitement and hop on board on the hype train. The series will always have a special place in my heart thanks to the fond memories it brought me. I remember spending hours fighting it out with my siblings during summer vacation and wreaking havoc with Xiba thanks to his broken reach. However, one thing I always loved about Soul Calibur was the interesting and iconic guest characters the game would include such as Link, Spawn, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Kratos just to name a few. Being a fan of the series it’s only natural that my mind immediately starting brainstorming what characters from other video games would make for amazing guest appearances in Soul Calibur 6. So in no particular order, I made a list of five characters I personally think would be interesting to see in Soul Calibur 6.

Number 5 – Bayonetta

Bayonetta 2
Of course Bayonetta

Alright so this one might be a little bit of an obvious pick but how could I not have Bayonetta on my list? Bayonetta has a very unique style of combat thanks to her being a witch who uses her hair, multiple weapons and magic to slaughter just about anything that gets in her way. The number of combos you can perform in the game would make it easy to imagine what her move set could possibly be like. On top of that her actual design already fits perfectly in line with the style of a Soul Calibur game. Now before anyone says it I know she’s already a playable character in Super Smash Bros but I think it would be awesome to see how she would perform in an actual fighting game.

Number 4 – Delsin Rowe

Delsin Rowe
Seattle’s very own superhero

Delsin Rowe. A conduit with the ability to absorb and use the powers of any other conduit after touching them. Basically a superhero version of Mega Man. To me, Delsin Rowe has the potential to be a fun guest character in Soul Calibur 6 because of his multiple abilities he acquires throughout InFAMOUS: Second Son. Taking advantage of his smoke, neon, video, and concrete manipulation I think this would make him perfect as a character where depending on which move your performing Delsin would use a different power. For example, when blocking Delsin would use his concrete ability or maybe when he’s jumping he would call upon his video powers to reach a little higher or for longer. Obviously, there would be a lot of balancing to consider but I absolutely believe Delsin Rowe has the potential to be an amusing guest character.

Number 3 – Doomfist

Only through conflict do we evolve

One has to believe it’s only a matter of time before we see Overwatch characters make guest appearances in other non-Blizzard games thanks to the diverse roster of unique heroes. To be honest, I had a hard time choosing between Doomfist or Genji but in the end, I thought Doomfist would make for a more a special experience. The best part about including him is that coming up with a good move set would be pretty easy. All you would have to do is take a look at his abilities on Overwatch. Rising Uppercut, Rocket Punch, Seismic Slam and even his Hand Cannon are perfect fits for a fighting game. With a little bit of polish Doomfist would kill it as a guest character in Soul Calibur 6. Besides, I’m positive we’ll be seeing Overwatch heroes in other games why not start with a fighting game?

Number 2 – Asura

The Demigod of Wrath

Asura’s Wrath is a game that came out back in 2012 developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Capcom. The entire game is an over-the-top, beat ’em up style game like Bayonetta and God Of War. You play as Asura, the Demigod of Wrath, as he takes revenge on the seven deities who betrayed him, killed his wife and stole his daughter. The game contains non-stop epic fights you would expect to see from anime series like Dragon Ball Z. Ever since Kratos made an appearance I longed for the day I could see Asura make it into the Soul Calibur series. Besides Asura would beat the brakes off Kratos any day. Also, did I mention Asura already took on Ryu AND Akuma? If that’s not enough to get him a spot on the Soul Calibur 6 roster I’m not sure what is (and who knows maybe having him as a guest character would boost the chances of seeing an Asura’s Wrath sequel).

Number 1 – Geralt

A man who needs no introduction

I’m sure at this point you’ve heard the name Geralt or at the very least The Witcher 3. Hailed as the shining example of a “perfect” video game CD Projekt RED struck gold and acquired a rabid fanbase with the third installment of the series. For the few of you who aren’t familiar with this game let me give you a quick rundown of who this man is. Geralt is a Witcher and the main character in the Witcher series. Witchers are people who go through intense, hardcore training during adolescents along with mysterious rites with the end goal to become monster slayers for hire. On top of that Geralt also possesses superhuman abilities thanks to his high tolerance to the mutagens from where Witchers get their unique capabilities from. Geralt is, in my opinion, the most likely to appear in Soul Calibur 6 (along with Bayonetta). Using his sword as his basic attacks he would also be able to mix in his signs. For instance, Igni would be good as short-range offense move, Aard would make a great knockback or Quen which could be a block move. No matter how you look at it Geralt is an excellent candidate to be a guest character in the new Soul Calibur.

Again this is just my list of characters I think could make for a sensational guest in Soul Calibur 6 in no particular order. I’m sure there are plenty of other options out there as well, maybe leave a comment below letting me know who you would include as a guest fighter and why.

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