The Skate Game We’ve Been Waiting For

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Ever since EA Black Box revolutionized the skateboarding game scene with their series of skate games fans have been clamoring for more. However, after EA shut down Black Box in 2013 the dream of a skate 4 seemed to be over. While we may never see a skate 4, one independent developer studio known as creā-ture Studios may be here to fill the void left behind by EA. Say hello to a brand new skateboard IP called Session.

Session has been in development since 2015 and it seems the developers have some ambitious plans for the game. According to their Kickstarter with each stretch goal, a significant feature gets added to the game such as online multiplayer, a story mode, park editor and even something more original like a filmer mode that sounds like it could be cool as hell. After reading some of the features of the game I can say the developers over at creā-ture Studios are doing more than creating a “skate clone”. For example, the game has a skater progression system meaning the more you work on a trick the better your skater gets at landing that trick. A progression system sounds like it could be a dope feature to add to a skateboarding game to make it feel more realistic giving the players a more authentic feeling of getting better the more they play.

Session gif 2
Work hard and you’ll land that trick with ease.

Something else worth noting is how the game seems to have its own spin on how the game controls. Basically, each thumbstick represents a different foot. Combined with a balance system Session seeks to build upon the thumbstick revolution skate started. In a direct quote from the Kickstarter page:

Putting too much weight on the wheels while sliding will slow you down, reduce your ”pop out” or eventually end up with a wheel bite. On the other hand, if you don’t put enough weight, you’ll end up falling or losing your trick.

Session controls
Session looks to push for a more skill-based experience.

If your someone whos been waiting for a game to come and fill that hole in your heart that skate left then you might want to keep your eye on Session as it develops. For more detailed information or if you want to support the game head on over to the Kickstarter page, I know I personally will be.

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