Telltale Teases New Seasons

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When it comes to Telltale Games announcements on future content for their many game series details can be few and far in between, however, today they did something out of the ordinary for them by dropping a whole bunch of new information all at once. During their summer 2017 update video, they reported new seasons for three of their series one of which is a series finale.

They started off with their Batman series teasing some new gameplay and new characters like the Riddler, and to top it off you won’t have to wait long to play as the first episode of season two will be available August 8th, 2017. They then followed Batman up with the announcement of the final season of their Walking Dead series. We’ll finally get to see the culmination of all the tears and emotions we’ve had doing our best to protect Clementine and make Lee proud. According to Telltale the finale will have players once again take control of Clem as she goes in search of AJ and decides what she want’s to be and who she want’s to be with. The final season is set to be released sometime in 2018.

Bigby Wolf.gif
Bigby Wolf is back

Lastly Telltale gives the people what they have been waiting for, season two of The Wolf Among Us. Ever since its release back in 2013 fans of the series have been in the dark of when a season 2 would be announced and here we are in 2017 finally getting an answer to that question. Season two of The Wolf Among Us is also aimed to drop in 2018. It’s looking like next year is going to be a good one for all you Telltale Games fans out there (including myself), it might be a bit of a wait but at least we’ll be getting Batman soon to help hold us over. If you want to see the full update video click here.

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