Why Subscriptions For Twitch Affiliates Is A Good Thing

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If you haven’t heard the news already Twitch recently rolled out a new policy allowing Twitch Affiliates to have a sub button added to their channel. As you can imagine this caused a bit of an uproar in the Twitch community. Some of the older partnered streamers feel like it’s a slap in the face considering they had to work so much harder for their sub button and now this new policy makes it’s easier to obtain. While I can understand those feelings I can’t exactly agree with the hostility towards the new approach Twitch is taking.


New Opportunity For New Talent

Just starting out on Twitch can be an incredibly difficult and long grind. Everyone starts at zero and only after hours upon hours of streaming with no viewers will a newbie manage to gain those first few followers. From there it’s all about dedication and being consistent. All the big time streamers you see today know this grind all too well. So it boggles my mind why any of them would hate the idea of Twitch making that grind a little bit more accessible to newer would-be full time streamers. Streaming itself is something that requires a lot of devotion if you wish to one day be as big as your favorite streamer. Being able to have access to a sub button earlier on allows the small community a new streamer is building to help support its growth.

This new policy opens the door for smaller streamers to expand adding even more talent and variety to the Twitch community as a whole. The new affiliate program makes streaming a little more sustainable for a lot more people. I think streamer AnneMunition was onto something when she compared the partners that are mad about the new policy; because they had to work harder for it, to how your grandparents would reminisce about how back in their day they had to walk five miles in the snow to get to school. She also brought up an interesting point when she tweeted out:

“On the real though congratulations to the affiliates. My mission in life is to make things easier for those that come after me. I’m happy Twitch is making it possible for you to pursue something you’re passionate about. Get out there and give people a run for their money.”

I wish more seasoned streamers would adopt this attitude. I feel this is a solid statement about how the improved program will help cultivate new creators and is a step in the right direction. You hear people all the time say Twitch doesn’t help the “smaller streamers” but the moment they actually make a change to better accommodate the community you get this knee jerk reaction. Of course this seems to be the reception of the minority but it’s still worth talking about. As of June 28th 2017, subscriptions went live for Twitch Affiliates. If you want to check the link for the full article covering the complete details for the revised affiliate program i’ll leave a link here.


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