State Of Decay 2: Why It Should Be On Your Radar

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State Of Decay is an action adventure open world survival zombie game released June 5th 2013 developed by Undead Labs. The game has a very committed fan base and this year at E3 we got to hear more about it’s sequel. Now I know what most of you are thinking, isn’t the whole zombie genre in gaming played out? I wouldn’t debate you on that however, I still believe State Of Decay 2 might be worth keeping your eyes on despite the over saturation of the undead in gaming.

State Of Decay has always stood out to me as a smaller scale more polished version of bigger games like DayZ. In a nutshell you play as multiple survivors in a zombie filled world where you must scavenge to endure the apocalypse all while building and maintaining a community. This means the more people you add to your camp the more food and supplies you’ll need in order to survive. Going out into the wild is as dangerous as it is necessary. If you don’t play it smart or pay attention to your surroundings you can find yourself pinned down by the undead looking for their next meal. To immerse players even more into the world this game also has perma-death. So one little mistake can lead to you losing one of your best runners forever.

As fun as the game was it had it wasn’t perfect. It’s clear that Undead Labs is doing their best to deliver a more enjoyable experience on their second stab at the game by adding new features and improvements. For example the one thing myself and other countless people who played the game always wished for was the ability to play with friends. Well State Of Decay 2 grants us that wish by adding online 4 player co-op. Simply fire a flare off and anybody on your friends list can join in.

During an interview Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain stated that the characters dynamics have been improved and the procedurally generated characters have over a thousands different traits to choose from. On top of that this time around players will have 3 different maps to explore each the same size of the original game. Tie all that in with the usual sequel improvements like a cleaner UI and you get a follow up game worth checking out if you were a fan of the original. The release window for State Of Decay 2 is spring 2018 on the Xbox One and Windows store.

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