Is Sony Giving Us The Spider-Man Game We Deserve?

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When it comes to E3 Sony is usually good at talking less and showing more games and this year wasn’t any different. However despite showing off a well known franchise like God Of War or a brand new IP like Days Gone it wasn’t until Spider-Man came on the screen did I perk up in my chair ready to be impressed. After seeing last year’s trailer for the game it was the main title I was looking forward to seeing more of this year. In my honest opinion Spider-Man completely stole the show.


Good Spider-Man games are few and far between in fact most would argue Web Of Shadows was the last decent Spider-Man game. I think the biggest reason i’m excited for this new entry into the series is the fact that it has a story all it’s own. It’s not just some game being churned out because a new movie is being released (even though homecoming is right around the corner). Not having some sort of movie tie-in as a gimmick is already a step in the right direction.

Spiderman Gif
Evil do-ers stand no chance

This year at E3 Sony showed us actual game play and I have to say I was impressed with what I saw. It seems Insomniac Games is taking a page out of Rocksteady’s book and making the combat similar to the Arkham games. When you enter a fight enemies will surround you and you’ll be given button prompts in order to retaliate. In addition you’ll also be able to interact with the environment around you in ways such as tossing various objects around to climbing on different surfaces to gain an advantage. Not only that but wrapping your foes with the web looked to be incredibly satisfying. Additionally the game did look to have a lot of quick time events. I don’t mind QTE’s being in the game I just hope that we aren’t bogged down by them the entire time.

Spiderman Gif 2

Graphically the game looked phenomenal as it had that PS4 shine to it. Watching Spider-Man swing from building to building had me geeking out over the thought of immersing myself in that world as if I truly am Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The game is slated to be released in 2018 and I can’t wait to pick this game up day one.

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