Anthem: Delve Into Bioware’s Answer To Destiny

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Out of all of the games shown at E3 this year one game that stood out to me was Bioware’s new IP called Anthem. This game came out of nowhere boasting some serious graphical capability along with some solid looking game play. Anthem is an open world co-op shooter set in a dystopian world where you and your friends explore the land outside the walls of humanities safe haven known as Fort Tarsis. Players take control of an exosuit called Javelins that enable them to gain superhuman abilities. There also seems to be different classes of Javelins to play such as the all purpose ranger class and the colossus which is the tank class. In addition to different classes players can customize their Javelins to better suit their style. The whole time I was watching this I couldn’t help but assume this game is basically EA’s take on the social-action video game genre like Destiny and The Division.

Traverse the terrain in your Javelin

From what was presented in the E3 conference your role in the game is that you’re a freelancer whose job it is to protect humanity as well as explore the outside world. The environment is full of hostile activity from both the wildlife and other groups of enemies outside the walls of Fort Tarsis. There are also setting dynamic events like the shaper storm that players can enter to see what lies beyond. Not only is Fort Tarsis the home to mankind but it also acts as the hub world for the game. Basically it’s where players will consistently find themselves returning to in order to upgrade equipment, interact with other players, and obtain new quests. So expect to see a lot of it. Much like Destiny and The Division defeating enemies and completing quest will earn you random drops and rewards. Let’s just hope the drop rate isn’t anything like the two.

No friends? No problem!

Something people might be wondering is if the game is single player friendly? Well according to the lead designer for the game; Cory Gasper, the game can be fully enjoyed if you choose to play alone. Now I’m not sure if this means you can experience everything the game has to offer solo or if playing with friends is where the definitive experience is at. I mean you can play Destiny by yourself but in order to truly enjoy the game to it’s full potential you have to play with other people. Only time will tell. On the tech side of things Anthem is confirmed to run at 4k on the Xbox One X; thanks to checkerboarding, and runs on the Frostbite engine.  

After watching the presentation for Anthem I can’t help but be excited to play the game myself. Hopefully we don’t see an E3 switch and bait where the final product looks nothing like what was shown at E3. However I do have faith considering it’s being developed by the same side of Bioware responsible for the original Mass Effect trilogy. Anthem is definitely a game to keep your eye on in the next year as it’s being developed.

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